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Based in Cornwall, Mena Woodwork + Design is a small, focused workshop, specialising in functional, understated and sustainable outdoor furniture. We prefer to use traditional joinery techniques, tried and tested by generations of woodworkers before us, and a timeless design aesthetic.

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About us

Mena Woodwork + Design

Handcrafted in Cornwall

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Innovation and craftsmanship at the very heart of what we do

In the beginning, Mena Woodwork was born out of a love for the artistry in carpentry whilst remaining loyal to traditional methods which have been replaced with quick fixes. We see the outdoor environment as a challenge that drives us and traditional carpentry practices are the back bone of our designs.

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Olly Hill, Founder of Mena Woodwork

Commencing his career as an apprentice carpenter and joiner, Olly honed his craft under the vigilant mentorship of a Master Carpenter. His deep-rooted enthusiasm for the industry ignited during this formative period. Years of dedicated skill refinement, coupled with a profound love for outdoor living, ultimately served as the catalyst for the birth of Mena Woodwork + Design.

In direct response to the prevailing trend of mass-produced and disposable goods, Olly has embarked on a mission to craft distinctive outdoor furniture pieces that not only enhance your living space but also represent a sustainable investment for both your home and the environment.


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Understanding the importance of intricate details, Olly has built large scale installations for award winning gardens at both Chelsea Flower Show and Tatton Park.

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His love of nature extends outside of the workshop. When not whittling away, Olly loves nothing more than being outside enjoying his passion for surfing, paddle boarding and fishing.

Living in Cornwall, we recognise the significance of working in harmony with environmental elements.

Our designs embrace the beauty of nature and its raw materials whilst creating respectfully sustainable, contemporary pieces that will stand the test of time through design and function.

Combining conventional, age-old methods of craftsmanship with our aspiration for simplicity and ageless pieces, each product is handcrafted with passion, care and a desire to be different.

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As well as our range of contemporary garden furniture, we also offer a fully bespoke woodwork service.

Working closely with our clients, we undertake varying projects, ranging from garden commission pieces to large show garden installations.

If you have a project in mind, get in touch.