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Based in Cornwall, Mena Woodwork + Design is a small, focused workshop, specialising in functional, understated and sustainable outdoor furniture. We prefer to use traditional joinery techniques, tried and tested by generations of woodworkers before us, and a timeless design aesthetic.

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Sustainability at Mena

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Each piece is environmentally considered, meaning we prefer to focus on quality not quantity, whilst limiting the amount of wood miles racked up.

All our oak is sourced from FSC accredited suppliers which reflects our commitment to using wood that is environmentally responsible.

Where possible we use windfall oak that is sourced and milled at the Cornish estate where we are based which uses one of the country’s few remaining water-powered sawmills. Visit our Sawmill Blog for more information on this process.

Of the limited packaging we use, it is all recyclable, and any off cuts are put to good use by a local wood turner making nifty little stools and handcrafted lamp bases.

Nothing gets wasted – including our sawdust which is used to heat the workshop in our sawdust burner!

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