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Based in Cornwall, Mena Woodwork + Design is a small, focused workshop, specialising in functional, understated and sustainable outdoor furniture. We prefer to use traditional joinery techniques, tried and tested by generations of woodworkers before us, and a timeless design aesthetic.

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Got a question?

Have a look through our FAQs, if you don't find what you're after, please feel free to contact us.

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What wood do you use?

We use European oak sourced from FSC accredited suppliers, and where possible we use windfall timber from our local area.

How is your furniture built?

All our furniture is handmade to order using traditional joinery methods such as mortice and tenon, tongue and groove, and dovetail joints.  We prefer these techniques over screws and bolts as they allow the natural movement of the timber and produce a stronger, longer lasting joint.

What maintenance is required?

Oak is an extremely durable timber and as such does not require extra protection.  You may choose to treat your piece of furniture with an oil, but by doing so you are signing yourself up to an annual maintenance programme to keep the finish looking its best.

We recommend regular light cleaning with a pH neutral detergent, warm water and a domestic green scourer to remove mildew growth and to promote an even patina.

For more information, check out our After Care page.

What happens if I don't treat the oak?

Oak will naturally weather to a beautiful silver grey patina. The grain will move and open, and small splits will appear. This movement is the timber’s natural response to changing temperatures and moisture levels and does not affect the structural integrity of the timber.

The joints we use allow for this movement and are made stronger by the tension this movement produces.  Mildew may appear in places, and water staining will occur, however this is very simple to deal with. To keep the oak looking its best and to promote even patina, we recommend cleaning the Oak with a green scouring pad, warm water and mild detergent.

For more information, check out our After Care page.

Can I use Mena furniture indoors?

Our furniture is built to withstand the outdoor environment, if you wish to use any items as indoor pieces that would be fine.

Is any assembly required?

All our furniture is delivered fully assembled and due to the nature of our joinery techniques, cannot be taken apart. The dimensions of all of our pieces are available in the item description so please check that the furniture fits the area that it is intended for, and that it will pass through all gates or doorways that lead to that area.

What if I want something a bit different?

Every item we produce, be it furniture or the upholstery is handmade to order, so if you want something slightly different please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.


How long does delivery take?

All our pieces are handmade to order so delivery can take between 8 to 10 weeks after the order is placed. For bespoke items this may be longer and will be agreed at the time of confirming the order.