Kern Planter

'A beautifully handcrafted and versatile piece'



Nature's Beauty Meets Timeless Craftsmanship

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Delivery will be 8 – 10 weeks from date order is placed as items are handmade to order. Bespoke items may require a longer lead time.

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Introducing the Kern Planter, a handcrafted Oak Planter by Mena Woodwork


At Mena Woodwork, we take pride in creating exquisite pieces that seamlessly blend nature’s elegance with expert craftsmanship. Our Kern Planter is no exception, each modern wooden outdoor planter is handmade in Cornwall, with exquisite joinery details at the heart of its design.



Eco-Friendly Partner: The Ecopots 21L Recycled Plastic Pot

Mena Woodwork is committed to sustainability, and that’s why the Kern Planter proudly features an inner pot made by Ecopots. These 21-liter pots are crafted from recycled plastic, helping to reduce plastic waste while providing a practical and eco-friendly home for your plants. Your greenery will thrive in this environmentally conscious environment.



3 wooden planters on a tile floor
wooden planter

In Detail....

The Kern Planter, the ultimate modern wooden outdoor planter, designed to be an addition to your outdoor or indoor space.  Its simple and humble aesthetic belies the hugely detailed woodworking techniques used, the complexity of the joinery adds a layer of detail not often seen in modern furniture.  By combining a simple aesthetic with complex layers of joinery detail, we believe we create something with far more interest and personality than the hoards of mass produced items already available on the market today, and more importantly, we create something that we, the maker, can be proud of.


3 wooden planters and an wooden chair

Indoor or Outdoor?

The choice is yours, for indoor use, our wooden planter is treated with a natural oil finish, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also preserving the wood's beauty. This treatment not only adds a touch of sophistication to your living spaces but also provides a protective layer, ensuring the longevity of your planter.