The Prenn Bench

Timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship


'unmatched stability and longevity'

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Introducing the Prenn Bench, a handcrafted Oak Bench by Mena Woodwork


Elevate your outdoor seating experience with the Prenn Bench, a stunning companion piece to the Prenn table, meticulously crafted by Mena Woodwork in Cornwall. This exceptional bench not only exudes the same timeless elegance and durability as the table but is also a symbol of masterful woodworking techniques.

Every Prenn bench is a testament to the art of woodworking.  We employ traditional joinery techniques, including pegged mortise and tenons and sliding dovetails, ensuring the utmost structural integrity. These time-honored methods provide the bench with unmatched stability and longevity.

Designed to perfectly complement the Prenn table, this bench allows you to create a unified and inviting outdoor space. The bench’s design seamlessly integrates with the table’s aesthetics, ensuring a coordinated look for your outdoor dining or relaxation area.

Dimensions: Standard size - 36cm wide, 45 high, 188 long

wooden bench
wooden bench

Custom sizes to suit you

The Prenn bench design offers effortless flexibility in its dimensions, accommodating sizes ranging from a modest 1 meter to a substantial 5 meters in length. Should you have a particular size in mind, please feel free to reach out via email, and we'll be delighted to customize the table to your specific preferences